Our Plumbing Services

We have over a century of experience with all aspects of plumbing from residential to large scale commercial projects. We are also licensed for backflow prevention device installation.

  • Service

    Overview of our Plumbing Services:
    Detection and repair of leaks on water lines, drains and more.
    Clearing of blocked drains (sinks, toilets, tubs and more)
    Repairs or small alterations to any pipe, tube, vent, drain, pump, fixture and more
  • Installation (Estimates)

    Overview of Installations:
    We offer new installation and replacement services for residential and commercial
    Installation of water piping, gas piping, vents, tubing, drains, fixtures and more
    Installation of pumps and control systems
  • Back Flow Prevention

    Overview of Back Flow Prevention Service:
    Preserve the purity of all our water by installing a backflow prevention device
    If you have received notice to comply with the City of Ottawa we are able to help with the entire process
    We are also happy to assist those who wish to install a backflow prevention device even if they have yet to revieve their notice from the City of Ottawa

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