Our Story

Ever since our humble beginnings in the city of Ottawa's early days where we installed much of the early plumbing and boiler systems. Until today, over a century later where we are helping lead the way to a greener future with the installation of heat pumps. Ottawa Plumbing and Heating has always valued one thing above all else. Maintaining a close knit ambitious team that works in unison, almost like a family. Allowing for the opportunity to offer an unparalleled service to our community in Ottawa, ON. 

Our Values

Ottawa Plumbing and Heating and all of it's employee's share in a broad range of values that we believe are necessary to run a successful business that provides for its community.

Some of these values include honesty, impeccable workmanship, integrity, diversity, professionalism and top-rate customer service.

Our History

While Ottawa Plumbing and Heating has had a long and not always direct road to where it is today. We are honored to say that we are one of few Ottawa based companies that is family ran and encompassing 3 generations. Among this achievement, we have a host of employees who have started and built their careers at Ottawa Plumbing and Heating and many who still work here today offering their professionalism alongside our brand. 

  • Nairn Reid


  • Devon Reid

    Owner / Operations Manager

  • Harleigh Marie

    Office Administrator

  • Matt

    Plumber and Gas Fitter 3

  • Joey

    Gas Fitter 1, 313A Refrigeration Mechanic

  • Sue

    Gas Fitter 2, 313A Refrigeration Mechanic

  • Erynn

    Gas Technician 2

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