A Century of Family Traditions

Ottawa Plumbing & Heating has been serving the National Capital and the surrounding area for more than a century. The original company first opened in the early 1900s and serviced many of Ottawa's first indoor plumbing and heating systems.

While things change over time, the core principal of Ottawa Plumbing and Heating has always remained the same.

Our promise is to always provide the members of our community with expert consultation and top of the line mechanical services while treating our customers premises with the care we would wish upon our own.

comfort year round

Heating and Cooling

We help our customers maintain the temperatures in their homes year round with the industries most up to date and efficient heating and cooling systems that function with electricity, natural gas or propane fuel sources. 

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Optimize your health

Indoor Air Quality

Although Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an often overlooked aspect of HVAC, filtration is for a lot more than just protecting our appliances. The air we breathe in for hours everyday while in-doors is crucial to our overall health and wellness.

Did you know that optimized IAQ can help reduce a host of health symptoms such as allergies, rhinitis, and respiratory illness.

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keep things flowing

Plumbing Services

We take great pride in the wide range of specialized plumbing services that we provide. Some of our services include, new and existing installations for piping, tubing, devices, fixtures, heaters and more. We also offer services such as water leak detection and repair, drain clearing and more.

We are also specially licensed to participate and assist building owners in the 'City of Ottawa's Back Flow Prevention Program' aimed at maintaining purity in the city water supply. 

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  • Maintenance

    Receive an annual precision tune-up, 24/7 priority service with no added premiums and discounts on repairs and system replacements. 

  • Protection

    Receive the benefits of the Maintenance Agreement, plus a parts & labor warranty of up to $800 coverage per year on each!

  • Protection Plus+

    Receive all the benefits of the Maintenance and Protection Agreements while having your parts and labor warranty boosted to infinite coverage each year.

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